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Megabuck Mink - RIP

AOBA Blue Ribbon Fleece

Alpaca , Huacaya , Male |Proven |True Black

AOA# 830145 | DOB: 5/26/2001

Sire: 4Peruvian Lanark's Locota
  | 830145 | Beige |
Dam: 6Peruvian Dona Jacira
  | 830145 | Light Silver Grey |
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R.I.P. Losing Megabuck was like losing a best friend. He had the energy and spirit of 10 alpacas yet always behaved like a gentleman for me. His lines will continue on our farm through his descendants.
When Megabuck was used for breeding or behavior checks, his orgling would cause ALL the females in the pasture, irregardless of pregnancy status, to run up and gather around. They knew he was special too! As the oldest male he was alpha, but 95% of his life he was kept in the male herd.
He was our veterinarian's favorite alpaca for his spirit, disposition / libido, very correct and robust conformation and silky six inch long crimpy, drapey true black non-fading fleece.
If you have a female that needs bone and substance, uniformity and less guard hair, back and legs straightened, and depth of color's your stud!!!
We're breeding his daughters to our Snowmass RRoyal Fox and getting beautiful offspring.
Excellent breeder! Customers come back to do repeat breedings to Megabuck.
Throws gray and lots of solid, non-fading, BRIGHT and SILKY solid true blacks.
Many award-winning crias and grand-crias.
Champion paternal brother Constantino!
Thanks to his two remarkable parents, Locota and Jacira, Megabuck very consistently produces perfectly correct leg structure and movement, substance (robust, heavy bone and muscle and loads of fleece), desirable fleece traits (esp. crimpy primary fibers / lack of guard hair, luster, staple length, HANDLE!), wonderful spirited energy (vigor), and a respectful disposition in his crias. All have outstanding luster and silkiness, above average density, fineness, aligned crimp, long staple, very heavy bone and correct conformation and phenotype. Some of Megabuck's cria's fleeces are finer than their dams!
He passes on his wonderful personality and vigor; very heavy bone and muscle; lg. testicles; wide, even leg spacing; correct bite, conformation (esp. legs!) & movement; coverage; crimp; staple length; density; bundles; silky handle; high luster; uniformity; crimpy primaries and fineness..low 20s AFDs and SDs in the 4s!

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
2002Shearing Weight: Three pound skirted 12 mo. cria skirted show fleece; six inch staple.
2003Shearing Weight: Four pound blanket (5-6" staple)
2006Shearing Weight: 3.8 lb blanket
2007Shearing Weight: 3.5 lb blanket
2002Micron Count: 25.7 m / 5.1 sd / 20.0 cv / 14.6 > 30 m 1/4" bundles.
2004Still buttery soft and bundled with high amplitude crimp and no prominent guard hair!
2005-2006Still buttery, a little shorter and higher frequency crimp than previous years! (Note: some of his fleeces were damaged by improper shearing, rain, sweating and so were not measured.)
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